24/7 Personal Service

Easing evolved from a project based company providing utility, usability and aesthetics in everyday automation into a premium service provider.

After moving into your new residence our service team will be by your side 24/7 with personal assistance, efficient remote management and on-site interventions.

One year of close collaboration on the construction project is just the tip of the iceberg. 30 years of premium personal service is what really forges the relation with our customers.

24/7 Personal Service

Our own service team is available 24/7 to assist you in the most diverse technical challenges.

You will be in direct contact with an experienced Easing team-member who has access to all information of your installation.

Whether it is helping you restore power after an outage or providing you with your Netflix password to enjoy Saturday night movie time.

Easing is ready to service you.

Remote Management

Easing is active all over Belgium as well as in multiple international cities.
Our advanced remote management allows us to connect to your installation to instantly identify problems and solve them without the need to come onsite.

This allows us to support you even faster.

On site interventions

Whilst 80% of service requests will be resolved remotely, some issues like changing a lightbulb will still require us to be onsite.

Easing features its own team of top notch service technicians and engineers to help you with anything you require.

We will cover the complete range: from changing a lightbulb to fine-tuning your wifi coverage or calibrating your cinema-setup.

Response time ≠ resolution time

Sometimes new customers believe that choosing for a local electrical installer will be a guarantee to great customer service. After all he’s based just around the corner.

Sure, he’s based closer to you but:

  • Is he really organised to be available 24/7?
  • Does he really have the complete set of skills in his own team (vs. depending on his suppliers)?
  • Does he offer extensive remote management capabilities?
  • Is his company equipped with a structured and centralized document management system to get all info about your installation instantly?

Easing supports over 250 premium households all over Belgium and beyond. Servicing you is our main goal.

Pro-active maintenance

Every technical installation benefits from being properly maintained. Depending on your personal preference we are offering different levels of pro-active monitoring and maintenance.

Ranging from basic re-active support to advanced permanent monitoring of your installations performance with high availability SLA’s.

Butler book

If your housekeeping requirements are slightly more extensive, we will train and support your staff to enable them in servicing you the best way possible.

Experience the ease
of our services

Easing provides a 24/7 personal service in the most efficient way possible.

Let’s chat and see how your life could become more comfortable.