Technology for the luxury home



Lighting is so much more than just turning the switch on and off. It seasons and spices up every unique design. Your home deserves an impressive and superior quality lighting and control system. The designs of our lighting artists evoke images of a pleasant atmosphere while our field technicians tweak the most complex devices to achieve superior results.


Whether it concerns heating, cooling or ventilation: our years of experience guarantee a profound understanding of the needs of luxury living and the perfect indoor climate. Extensive knowledge of measuring and controlling allows us to make even the most sophisticated HVAC installation very easy to use and visually appealing. Our flexible remote management is the best guarantee for climate comfort in every season at any time.

Audio & Video

High quality audio and video that stimulate the senses, integrated everywhere. The perfect interplay of audio and video wherever you want has never been more effortless. Easing harmonizes impeccable sound quality through all your rooms with the highest aesthetic demands. Large, small, invisible or paintable? Your elegant sound and video system contains all useful features to make your life more enjoyable.

Network & Wi-Fi

The bigger the house, the greater the risk of insufficient Wi-Fi coverage. Wi-Fi has become a basic need in every corner of your house and garden. We provide a safe and stable network connection with unlimited expandability and the options of firewalls, cybersecurity and fibre.


Every family lives differently, but the need for a comprehensive security concept that watches over you clearly gains in importance. How do you integrate the highest security requirements without making your home look or feel like a fortress? Discrete but always by your side. Our aesthetically pleasing solutions in alarm systems, camera surveillance, access control and high-security doors make it possible to continuously monitor the status of your site and building and gently enforce safety precautions.


We share your passion for aesthetics. Easing brings solutions driven by usability but together, we will find the perfect combination between technical functionality and aesthetic expectations. Without compromise, without limits.

Home cinema

Experience the lure of the theatre in the comfort of your home with all your loved ones. It brings to life the cinema experience you want, without the hassle of setting up too much equipment. Hollywood blockbuster or independent arthouse classic? Take a break in your most enjoyable home theatre.  


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