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Everything easing does.

At Easing we believe that a holistic approach to integrating all different technologies into exquisite interiors is the only way to deliver comfortable functionality and striking aesthetics.

Our highly skilled team of in-house engineers designs, installs and supports the full spectrum of technology in your project.  ONE contact for your every technology desire.

Over 15 years of experience and a rock solid delivery strategy will make sure that we can realise your project within our fixed price budget and within your timing.

1 company = 1 contact = 1 contract = 1 coordinated plan

Don’t settle for less.


Every client is unique which implies different tastes in high-end design and bespoke solutions. You might not even be aware of all your true requirements.

During an in-depth two-way interview we will map all of your priorities to define your custom profile and  embrace all your current and future needs. This profile will form the base of our all-in fixed price quotation.

Some of the highlights in our methodology

You can feel confident in relying on our qualified team and their rock solid methodology to make everything look and feel perfect.

  • Experienced project leaders who have a full understanding of all concerns of high-end clients, architects and contractors. They won’t need more than 2 words to understand what you mean.
  • A clear and complete set of technical plans and drawings combining all aspects of technology in your interior design
  • Fully automated and digital workflow makes sure no wire is left behind and no box remains unchecked
  • Ellaborate quality assurance procedures, to guarantee customer satisfaction and more.


Open and scalable technical architecture

The origin of Easing lies in the frustration of the company founder whilst constructing his own home. Most electrical installers offered ‘home automation’ based on closed proprietary and vendor dependant systems.

The risk of ending up in a vendor lock-in, making us dependent of one single manufacturer, pushed us into looking for open and independent and sustainable solutions. Something we are now proud to offer.

Every Easing project is based on the open KNX standard allowing us to combine the best possible products of more than 400 world renowned manufacturers.

Combined with our detailed documentation strategy, this guarantees maximum freedom. Do you feel like changing your supplier for a supplier with a service that suits you better? That’s your call, at any time.

Freedom is the ultimate luxury.

Experience the ease
of our services

You are unique. You deserve a personalised solution.

Let’s talk and discover your custom profile and how we can help in achieving it.