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At Easing we understand like no other the importance of a seamless harmony between lighting, image & sound and security.
Our team designs, installs and supports luxury home automation. Together we will lift your living comfort to the highest level.
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    Lighting is so much more than just turning the switch...

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    Whether it concerns heating, cooling or ventilation...

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    The bigger the house, the greater the risk...

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    A fully equipped home office triggers maximum productivity..

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    Your company building carries your signature...

Meet the right technology, at the highest level of detail.

Experience how we embellish your residence with smart, tailored and grand solutions to ease your every desire.

Going way
beyond your ideas

Easing evolved from a project based company providing utility, usability and aesthetics in everyday automation into a premium service provider.

After moving into your new residence our service team will be by your side 24/7 with personal assistance, efficient remote management and on-site interventions.

Going way
beyond your ideas

Different clients implies different tastes in high-end design and bespoke solutions.

You can feel confident in relying on our qualified team to make everything look and feel perfect.

Because we believe in a holistic approach integrating innovative technology , the highest level of comfort and the promise of aesthetic results.

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Studio Anja Vissers
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Dieter Van Der Velpen


In 2005 company founder Kris was so disappointed in the market offering of home technologies that he quit his big-five consultancy job to start his own automation company.

His expertise in translating customer requirements into technological solutions and his elaborate project management skills set him apart from other typical electrical installers and are the best foundation to run a successful company with a proven methodology.

With over 15 years of experience and some of the most demanding customers in his portfolio Kris is able to instantly understand your true needs and define a sustainable technical solution. Together with his carefully crafted team of in-house specialist he will meet and exceed your expectations.

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Enrich your residence or business with our wide range of lavish services and solutions. Get inspired by real-life examples that could ease your needs.