Audio & Video

High quality audio and video that stimulate the senses, integrated everywhere. The perfect interplay of audio and video wherever you want has never been more effortless.

Easing harmonizes impeccable sound quality through all your rooms with the highest aesthetic demands. Large, small, invisible or paintable? Your elegant sound and video system contains all useful features to make your life more enjoyable.


Your guilty pleasure… sure you want to watch tv but let’s not emphasize it’s presence in the room.

Watch the game outside, some news in the gym or some RomCom in the bedroom. We will allow you to watch whatever you want wherever you want.
Discretely integrated in your interior with the simple control of one button.


Invisible speakers

We install a digitally centralized audio system to distribute your high performance acoustics to every possible room in your house.

Easing excels in aesthetically pleasing solutions while maintaining superior sound quality: plastered in your ceiling or wall and finished with an immaculate coat of paint.

Garden soundscapes

You’ll need a dedicated outdoor sound system to withstand the elements. We provide a beautiful listening experience for any outdoor living area, no matter the size, without compromising on your sound quality and coverage.

Our subwoofers and audio satellites will turn your terrace from quiet lounge to party area in an instant.

One remote to rule them all

Simply control your lights, audio and video system, HVAC installation and more from an elegant hand-held remote.

Experience the ease
of our amenities

You are only moments away from exploring your elegant sound and video system containing all useful features to make your life more enjoyable. Come and visit our showroom.